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The Outcast Prince - Shona Husk Reviewed for:

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Where the Night Kind Roam

I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I did. I never should have doubted Ms. Shona Husk! She has such a great way of pulling you into the story right from the beginning. This story is fast paced, interesting and the chemistry between Lydia and Caspian is scorching! The intense emotion between Caspian and Lydia is captivating and engaging. From the outside it would not appear that Caspian and Lydia would have anything in common, she is in PR and he is in antiques; however, as they spend time unraveling the secrets of her grandmother’s house the more they find that they have in common.

I loved how these two related to each other, they may have just met but they bond quickly. Both Caspian and Lydia had unusual upbringings and they both understand value of a secret. This makes it easier for each of them to open up to the other. Caspian has never opened up to anyone, no one knows what he really is and what he can really do other than his mother. When he meets Lydia he instantly finds himself more attracted to her physically than any other female he has ever met but more importantly he feels like he has finally found someone that he can finally be open and honest with for the first time in his life. He feels like he found someone that can understand how he grew up and his special abilities. I loved how accepting Lydia was when she found out about his ability. She realized pretty quick that she has found someone special and that a strange ability isn’t a deal breaker in the grand scheme of things. Having grown up in unusual circumstances herself she also understands his own unusual parentage.

While this book isn’t exactly action packed, as previously mentioned it is fast paced. Before I knew it, I was almost finished with the book and I was sad to see the book end. Shona Husk has set us up with an interesting new series featuring the Fae. I do have to admit as far as the paranormal genre goes, I do enjoy the Fae. They aren’t quite bad guys, but they definitely are not the good guys either. Their moral compass code is quite flexible which keeps things interesting. I am very curious to see where this series goes and will be looking for the next book in the series.


*This book was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review.