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Red Hot Dragon - Lolita Lopez Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind Roam

I was actually looking forward to this one. This first book showed promise and I quite enjoyed it. I mean who doesn’t love a dragon shifter book? Well when they are done well...

This one, it was mostly just sex, which I don’t mind but that was basically the entire plot. SO there was little plot beyond making a baby and very little character development. Which I guess isn’t that uncommon for a novella but I had just finished another novella that was probably shorter than this one and it had a lot more character development as well as an actual plot. So I can't really use that this was a novella as an excuse. Plus I am not entirely sure how a Nega (serpent shifter) fits into the whole dragon world. I mean it’s a snake not a dragon... Some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy; I think I groan from the cheese that was oozing through the pages. The most interesting part of this book was the missing cousin and mentions of Stig and Cora. Maybe I'll read the next book in the series because I am slightly curious what happened with the cousin and the girl and it’s not like these books are all that long.

If you want a steamy read with a dragon shifter, this book is for you. If you want an actual plot with character development don’t put this one as a priority on your TBR. Oh I do like that this series is interracial. That adds some diversity to the erotica/romance genre.


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