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Ascension - Caris Roane Alison has been on the outside looking in all her life, she has all of these weird powers that while seem cool; really have no place in her life. She is a therapist, what does she need to be able to dematerialize for? When talking about being intimate with a man, it’s impossible; she nearly killed her last man. Her loving sister recommended a body builder for a man, maybe he would be able to handle all the power that rolls off of her during orgasm. What she got, was Kerrick. After Kerrick lost his previous wife and kids 200 years ago he vowed to never get emotionally involved with a woman ever again. Then the mortal Alison entered his life and the damn breh-hedden kicks in and all hell breaks loose. Alison is the most powerful ascendant since Endelle. So of course the bad guys want her dead ASAP, which leaves Kerrick to protect her. How is Kerrick to keep his vows when he is forced to protect and be with Alison 24x7 for the next intense 3 days?

At first this book was a bit to get into, I had to get comfortable in a whole new world, with new terminology and two worlds to get used to along with winged vampires. Although; I was very excited that it is set in the metro Phoenix area, as a resident of Phoenix I knew the geography of this new exciting world so that was at least familiar with the city it was set in. Quickly I was immersed in the world and I have to say it was the warriors that won me over. How could they not? They battled nightly against the odds to save man kind in two worlds from the Commander and his “pretty boys”. In their down time they of course down mass quantities of alcohol and partake in willing women. I mean who wouldn’t when facing death each and every night…

Alison took some warming up too, ok so she has tons of power and has no idea why and doesn’t seem to like them much at first. Although I guess if I put a man in the hospital from an orgasm I’m not sure I’d like them either. She has some pretty cool powers that could come quite in handy like reversing time, how many times have you wished for that one? Once Alison’s life really starts being threatened is when you really see what she is made of. Calm under fire, and she does what needs to be done, not hesitating to blast death vamps when they approach. She helps save Kerricks arse as he protects her. Over and over again she is pitted against a deadly foe to come up the victor and with such grace. I couldn’t help but to be admiring her and routing for her by the end.

In this book you get a good look at the other warriors and each has his own personalities and you come to like them all as individuals and as a unit. They are exactly what you would expect from testosterone filled warriors. Prime example is the “Cave”, really it is exactly what you would expect a man cave to be: rough broken furniture, pool table, flat screen and bar. And poor Thorne, if he doesn’t die in battle his poor liver may give out first, always with a glass of Kettle on hand. Then there is Endelle who truly is the wicked witch of the west. When she says jump you say how high, she has that much authority and at over 9000 years of saving the world under her wings she has commanded much respect from the warriors. But it’s her attitude and choices of clothing that will have you smiling the most. She is saying something or wearing something so outrageous each time she graces us with her presence.

This tale is also action packed, each time you think the waters have stilled and it’s all good, something else happens. You are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Commander is relentless in his pursuit of Alison and the warriors. It makes for an exciting roller coaster of a ride that you are glad you decided to partake in. One thing that I thought could have been different was all of the POV’s, we did switch around to different characters at times which is kind of disjointing to the story. At the very least at least we could have done without the POV of at least one side character primarily the Commanders right hand man. Overall, I’d say pick up this series for a fun exciting read.

Verdict: Pick this one up!