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Bayon & Jean-Baptiste (Bayou Heat #3-4) - Alexandra Ivy,  Laura Wright This book was reviewed for Where the Night Kind Roam

In the previous books Bayon was a total playboy. He had a reputation of being a total manwhore. In this book we find out that really reputations are always true and even a playboy can lose his heart. Once long ago, someone had buried themselves deep under his skin and with her death he never quite got over her. Now Bayon has a chance at a true mate and he doesn’t let her get away from him. He knows what it is like to lose someone you love and he’s not afraid to put himself out there. I really liked that he really did put himself out there. He does not shy away from a true gift even if the lady in question does make him work for it a little bit. You can’t help but like Bayon, he’s a total charmer! Now his lady friend she is a bit prickly but in a good way. She is an alpha female and needs a strong man, but not one that will crush her. She is afraid that as a alpha male Bayon will not be able to give her the freedom that she needs. She quickly learns that this is not the case and that Bayon is strong enough and secure enough to let her do her thing. She may have been caged but only Bayon can truly set her free from more than the confines of her steel cage!

For me it was Jean-Baptiste that really grabbed my interest and didn’t let go! I am a total sucker for the pierced tattooed dude. I know clichéd but oh well. It is how it is. Jean-Baptiste is a “nurturer” among the pack but really he’s an alpha at heart. He is all sexy and demanding. He tells Genevieve how it’s going to be and single mindedly set out to seduce the prim and proper “suit”. Jean-Baptiste is struggling with his Puma, his Puma is scratching to get out and he has little control over it. It is not until Genevieve that he seems to find some semblance of control. Genevieve is on a mission and it is completely opposite of Jean-Baptiste’s mission. She needs to succeed or the whole life she had planned for herself is going to pass her by. The last thing she needs is a sexy distraction that is Jean-Baptiste. She tries to resist him, she really does, but really how can you resist all that sexiness. She gives it the old college try, but gives in to the oh so demanding Jean-Baptiste. But losing has never been so rewarding! Genevieve really ends up having to evaluate everything she has ever thought she wanted. She doesn’t know what the right decision is but for better or worse she has to make one. We only hope that she chooses Jean-Baptiste!