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Where the Night Kind Roam

I love love love this series. I cannot thank Annie ( http://www.underthecoversbookblog.com/ ) for suggesting this series to me. This book is the best of the series so far. I am in love with Will and want him for my very own! I read this book several weeks ago and for about a week after I finished it, I walked around with a Heart of Iron hangover! I couldn’t start any other books because this one was still on the brain.

This book takes place three years after the events of the first book. In the first book, Lena was determined to drive Will crazy and was very successful at this task. So much so, that Will had to leave and move into his own place. He desires Lena but there is nothing on earth that could make him take her as his own. For at least a year he has managed to avoid Lena, now that she has joined the Echelon that has become much easier then it previously was. When Will next meets Lena he finds a missive on her with a damning code. Will recognizes that code, he knows it belongs to the Humanists who just blew up a draining factory and almost killed Blade. Will knows Lena is in over her head. When he is called forth by the Prince Regent for a favor he realizes that his is a chance not only to free himself but to keep tabs on Lena. Lena is in way over her head, she never signed up for explosions and death. She ends up with danger all around her, without Will, she surely would have died.

Bec McAster has created a complex world and her world building is phenomenal. She really took her time building the world in the first book, so that by now we are familiar with all of the terminology and the world enough that we can truly appreciate the world that McAster built! There are elements of paranormal, historical and steampunk effortlessly combined for a completely unique series.

I never expected to actually like Lena, she didn’t quite endear herself to me in the first book. However, in this book she is actually pretty fierce! I actually came to love her as a character. She wants to believe in a cause, one bigger then herself. She doesn’t really belong anywhere, so she throws herself into the Humanist movement. When she sees Will again she realizes that she may be in over her head and that she never asked the right questions. After the chance meeting Will manages to entangle his life with hers. He has to be able to move through society and he needs Lena to help him with that. Being so close to Lena is both bliss and torture, he knows that she is HIS but he can never risk being with her. The Lupe Virus is so aggressive he can’t risk infecting her. Will is your typical Alpha male; he is possessive, protective and caring to his woman. The way he is with Lena is something you would never expect from such a brusque man. As a general rule, he stays away from people and especially females but his draw to Lena is undeniable. Time after time Will has to come to Lena’s aid making for an exciting story. There is always something going on. Bec McAster knows how to bring on the action to keep the reader entertained! While the action is raging, the romance is building. There is nothing quite like danger to bring a couple together. The passion runs deep and smoldering. Ms. McAster makes us wait for it, she teases us so good you don’t even realize we are waiting for it. When we finally get it, it’s worth the wait. Will is definitely worth the wait!


*This book was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.