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Bare It All - Lori Foster Reviewed for: Lets Get Romantical

I’ve read a few Lori Foster books in the past and I have always enjoyed them. This book is no exception to that, I quite enjoyed this tale of love and danger! In the beginning Alice is a bit on the timid side, she has a secret a few of them actually, secrets she doesn’t want Reese her very sexy copy neighbor to find out. But fate seems to have other plans for Alice. Reese has been intrigued by Alice from the start but she never gave him the time of day until he got a dog. When he realizes that there is more to Alice then meets the eye his curiosity is amped up tenfold and there is nothing Reese likes to do more than solve a good mystery and something tells him that Alice’s is a doozy!

We pick up this book where I am assuming the first book left off. There was just a gun fight that almost got Reese killed if it had not been for Alice. He has taken up residence on her couch because his place is a crime scene. Reese almost doesn’t regret the crime scene since it got him into Alice’s apartment, finally! The sparks between Alice and Reese fly, even if Alice is not ready for it. She soon realizes that by protecting herself she is really hindering herself from truly living. I greatly enjoyed Alices journey from timid to seductress/heroine! She really comes a long way throughout the book. I love a character the truly grows. Reese, is good to go from the beginning. He’s sexy and a definite Alpha, but he has a sweet caring side that he lets out for Alice. All of his protective instincts are on high alert around Alice and it’s a good thing because she has a nose for trouble! One act of valor creates a downward spiral of violence. Alice is no stranger to violence but this time she has people she cares about involved and she will do anything to keep them safe including putting herself in danger. Reese is not about to let that happen, but he might not have a choice as his life is almost taken, again….

The pacing on this book is a little off, most of the book took place in the second half, if that makes any sense. He beginning was a bit slow, but still enjoyable as we got to know the characters. I didn’t read the first book, it is not necessary; however, I would recommend it. You also may want to consider reading the book where we first meet Alice, in the Men of Honor series. I also quite enjoyed the side characters, I think Rowdy is my favorite. I am really looking forward to his book! I can’t wait for him to be brought to his knees by a short red-head! Whoot Whoot! .

Rating: 4 Romanticals