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Sexcapades - Christine d'Abo Reviewed for:
Lets Get Romantical

A light quick read that is sure to make you chuckle as well as have you fanning yourself off from the steam that curls up from the pages or screen. I had just read a book with a very insecure heroine that annoyed the crap out of me so I was a bit hesitant to start another that may have had a similar issue this heroine had me cheering for her rather than wanting to throw tomatoes at her. Yes Petra was a bit on the insecure side in the beginning but her turn around was more inspiring then insipid. She is a woman whose self-esteem had been beaten into a pulp by an ex-boyfriend. As a way to rebuild herself she started Sexscapes an online sex/dating advice blog. Her alter-ego is everything she has always wanted to be but has never had the guts to actually be, that is until her coffee shop crush...

Suddenly her unattainable crush is not so unattainable anymore when he walks into the same awards ceremony that she is in and rescues her from herself. All of the sudden she has what she has been looking for... A man that seems to be willing to allow her to let her inner sex kitten out. I mean who doesn't have an inner sex kitten that just needs a willing victim, opps I mean willing person... Once she lets her inner sex kitten out to play she doesn't want to put her away again. lol. Darcy is more than willing to be Petra's victim, ever since her first saw her in the coffee shop a year ago she has been the center of her fantasy's. Something about her shyness that occasionally gives away to a confident woman tugs at him and the way she looks in shorts doesn't hurt either. Darcy, is a great combination of sweet and as Petra likes to call him Neanderthal. He is a modern reasonable man with a bit of a throwback macho man thrown in. Perfect! Just how we like them. LOL

What was a night of intense passion turns into an nightmare?? The morning after they realize they are competition and then the media and threatening phone calls start. The pacing in this book is super-fast and keeps you panting for more. This book is a great blend of sexy times and humor. I was totally not expecting the humor, I have read other books by D'Abo and they weren't as funny as this one. Petra and Darcy definitely have some great banter. Petra and Darcy are great characters apart but together they are even better. They make a great, steamy couple. Each has their own issues and hide behind their online alter-egos but when they are together those issues start to fade to the background. I quite enjoyed these two.

My only question is what happened to the best friend? She just kind of disappeared on a mysterious trip and we never saw her again. What’s up with that??

This book was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

Rating: 4.5 Romanticals