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This is a super quick novella in the Sons of Sin Series. I had read the first book in the series and loved it! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the second books, so I was happy to see this novella to help us bide our time until book 2. From the blurb I had no idea who this book was about, I didn’t remember mention of either of these characters from the first book and that’s because they weren’t. But that is ok, I still enjoyed both characters and there was a connection. Lady Lydia is the Duke’s sister, and he is a Son of Sin with questionable parentage.

Lydia comes from a childhood riddled with scandal. Her mother was the talk of the Ton with her flagrant affairs. Lydia’s father was extremely harsh in her upbringing, but there was one thing he never took away and that was Simon Metcalf, her neighbor and friend. One day, she was finally getting what she wanted, Simon, when her father walked in. He banished Simon from the continent and for ten years he wandered until it was safe to come home to his Lydia. For ten years Lydia has been the perfect model of decorum and behavior. She was practicing on of my favorite sayings “Fake it Til you Make it”. She was so boring, she bored herself. Her betrothed, even more boring and her life even more boring than that, until Simon walks into her engagement party and sparks fly.

Ahh rekindled love, how I love the. This is one of my favorite themes in romance. It’s just so much more believable then we meet and 10 seconds later we are in love. There are also typically more obstacles to get over, such as in this case a broken heart or a disapproving family. Now that Lydia’s father is dead, Simon feels like he may have a chance, as he never stopped loving Lydia (enter an AWE!! Here) . It’s been 10 years but the site of her still makes his heart race and other things rise to the occasion. Lydia keeps him at an arm’s length as long as she can, as he did break her heart, but eventually he breaks her down. The chase was entertaining and steamy. Since this is such a short novella it was quick but I don’t feel like there was anything missing. It was a quick fun read that I enjoyed and would recommend to those who enjoy historical romance and in particular enjoyed the first story in this series.

3.5 Romanticals

*This copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.