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To Sin with a Viking - Michelle Willingham Reviewed for:
Lets Get Romantical

I love love love historical Vikings! It’s a weakness right up there with bad boys and berserkers. There is just something about Vikings, maybe they because they are tall and very rough around the edges. Me take my woman! Sort of attitude. So when I saw a Michelle Willingham title I peeked up in interest as she is one of my favorite historical romance writers and then I saw it featured a Viking! SOLD!

I was not disappointed that I requested this title; I pretty much devoured it, cover to cover. Well theoretically since it is in ebook format but you get the idea. When we meet this proud Viking his marriage is in shambles, he wants to start his life anew with his wife by his side so they can work on their marriage. First, I got to say how much I loved that he wanted to work on his marriage and make things work. He is very loyal, and I loved how Willingham approached this. So Styr, his wife and his men leave their homeland and end up in Ireland after a particularly nasty storm, exhausted and half starved. They landed in a starved land, Caragh villiage is literally starving to death and her little brother takes it into his head to attack the Vikings to take their resources. So he takes Styr’s wife hostage and disappears. As Styr is about to strike a blow against Caragh she bashes him in the head and takes styr hostage while her brother gets away with his wife.

What is it with Viking stories with one of the characters taking the other as a captive?? I swear it is every damn one of them. LOL! In this case Styr isn’t captive for very long. Maybe only a day or two, but he kind of gets Stockholm syndrome and starts to feel protective of Caragh because he knows she is literally starving to death and still shared her food with him. He vows that even when he gets free he will teach her to survive and then take her with him to find his wife. He tells himself that he will need her to find her brother and not that he wants to protect her. Caragh for her part genuinely feels bad for her part in his captivity and her brother’s part in taking his wife hostage. So she agrees to help him find his wife. Caragh is genuinely a sweetheart and cares for others even to the determent of herself. You can’t not like her, she’s a sweetheart but she’s also no push over. A great balance.

So off they go to find his wife and her brother. More and more, these two find that they are more and more attracted to each other, but the circumstances are impossible. Styr is otherwise taken and he refuses to give up on both making his marriage work and finding his wife. You would think that the way this story is set up that there would have been creepy and that things would have gone further than they actually did. For the most part Styr stuck by his vows to his wife, even when his emotions were in turmoil. I really respected the way Willingham went about this as I hate cheating in a story and I could have been quickly been turned off. As these two went on their quest it looked more and more like finding his wife would be more difficult than expected, which gives Caragh and Styr more time to get to know each other in a non-physical way. From beginning to end Willingham takes you on an emotional charged tale with some action thrown in to keep things interesting. My only wish was that things with the wife could have come to a conclusion earlier so we could have gotten in some more sexy times, because when it happens it’s pretty explosive. =)
Rating: 4 Romanticals

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