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Flirting with Texas - Katie Lane Reviewed for: Lets Get Romantical

Katie Lane is among my favorites when it comes to contemporary westerns. Her stories are light fun and always amusing. Beau and Jenna were such a cute couple. Jenna is a tomboy who never really felt like she fit in anywhere. When her and her parents got in a tiff over her choice in boyfriend she ran off to New York with him, where she has been ever since. Beau is running from his own demons. A cancer survivor, with a suspicious mass looming over his head he is determined to run as far and as fast rom Texas as he can. If he can’t have the one thing he wants; he’s going to spend what is left of his life “living life to its fullest” aka running away from his family.

The Hens send Beau after Jenna claiming she is a “Hen” and that they need her address. When Jenna and Beau meet it is memorable to say the least. It involves her kicking his a$$! Jenna is feisty as hell and a crusader. Always championing the underdog she is always getting herself into trouble. Beau is an expert in getting himself out of trouble, but the minute he meets Jenna he realizes that some trouble you just don’t want to get out of. When Beau and Jenna are kidnapped by the crazy town of Bramble, Texas a wild ride ensues. Both Jenna and Beau take a journey to self-discovery that leaves them both a bit uncomfortable.
As separate characters I loved both Jenna and Beau. Jenna is that go getter with a kind heart, she’s a champion of the underdog and you just can’t help yourself. She has such a big heart you love her almost instantly. Beau we met before and I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with him in the last book. He survived cancer and now he is determined to live life. He’s more than a little aimless; but when your future is so uncertain I think it is almost a natural feeling to try to pack everything you can in while you can. He’s been wandering the world for two years not really caring and avoiding his family. As couple, I like Beau and Jenna even more. They are just so cute together. I don’t even know what specifically makes them such a cute couple, but they just are! Beau is happy go lucky and laid back, Jenna is a go getter and somehow they enhance each other, plus their attraction is explosive. At the end when Jenna and Beau are “fighting” it had me cracking up! Jenna was definitely making Beau fight for it!

The only issue I had with this book was the Marcy plotline, it wasn’t very believable and it distracted from Jenna and Beau. I wanted more time with Beau and Jenna and less with Marcy, but I guess it had its place. What I liked with this book, as with the rest of the books in the series is the town and all the townspeople. Like Susan Mallory’s Fools Gold series, the town is almost its own character. The towns’ people are more than a little bit crazy but it’s so entertaining! I very much enjoyed this book!

Rating: 4.5

*This book was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review no other compensation was provided.