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Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones Reviewed for: Lets Get Romantical
Where the Night Kind Roam

Aw… How I love Charley Davidson! Seriously?! What is not to love about this series? The quick sacrastci humor, Charley Kicking ass or not kicking ass, non-stop action, the funny supporting crew and they very sexy mysterious Son of Satan Reyes. This book is another wonderful installment of this series, one my favorites so far. This series as a whole is seriously creeping its way into my top ten list, as it is consistently excellent and wildly entertaining.

In this book Charley gets into her usual trouble. There is a grip of tortured ghost woman haunting her place and she needs to solve the mystery of their deaths. The only questions is why after all these years are they all of they suddenly appearing in her apartment? This is a mystery she intends to solve. This book starts off a couple of weeks after the last book ends; Charley has a new neighbor, her sexy Reyes. This book takes their relationship to a new level, the sexual heat is incredible. Reyes is his usual sexy self, he is secure enough that he can let Charley be Charley and not suffocate her, he has more faith in her, then she probably has in herself. When it comes down to it, he stands by her side, always! Her new case is a dozy one, of her most difficult yet. She set about solving this case like all of the others: a lot of bumbling, even more humor, and death knocking on her door at all hours. I found it impossible to not love this book as much as all of the others ranking it in the top three of the series so far! If you haven’t started this series, you need to, like NOW! Who doesn’t love a lot of humor and action? It’s a combo I am not passing up anytime soon.

Rating: 5