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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts Hell I dont even know what to rate this, definitely disturbing with shocking subject matter, definitely well written, definitely compelling and intriguing. What do you rate something that both disturbs and compels you at the same time? For some reason you cant truely hate Caleb, maybe the reader gets Stockholm Syndrome along with Livvy?? Or maybe his character is just so, so, so something... irrevocably damaged, a product of his "upbringing", torn, confused a shadow of what he could have been? I don't know, he mysterious and complex, I'm not sure he knows himself at this time any better then we do. Livvy is both timid and strong, when it comes down to it, she finds just that little bit of fierceness she needs to survive. Her self-worth has long since been beaten down by her mother and now she has to contend with Caleb and his constant swinging emotions. Don't worry Livvy he has us just as confused as you. She handles what is dished out to her admirably, she comes out strong. I only wish she didn't cry so damn much. Granted it is much deserved and understood crying, I just hate reading about constant crying, like on every other page. If that's the only thing I would change about this book, then I'd say its doing pretty good.

If you can handle a really dark story with some very disturbing situations I say definitely read this one.