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Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind Roam

Holy Hell Yeah! What a freak’n GREAT book! This book is in the top three of my favorite books so far this year. This is probably my favorite or second favorite book of this series which is rapidly making its way into my top paranormal series. In this book we take it to Europe, we leave Atlanta to travel to the unfamiliar Europe shifter territory. A young wolf shifter is preggers and only the Lord Beast is trusted to protect the young woman where a large chunk of prime real estate is at stake based on whichever of her twins is born first.

As with all Kate Daniels books we incorporate interesting Mythology into whatever new enemy we are battling. With this book the danger has escalated, Kate knows her real father is getting closer to discovering her. His right hand man Hugh is really close to discovering who she really is. With the young gong lupe Kate and Curran cannot pass up this trip to Europe and Kate is looking forward to getting away from the threat of Hugh.

When they arrive in Europe they realize just how dangerous of a situation they are in the middle of. Not only do they have to keep the pregnant chick alive when even her own father wants her dead, but they also have to deal with three hostile packs and an unexpected host. Knowing this whole thing is a trap doesn’t lessen the danger to Kate and company.

From beginning to end we are taken on an action packed rollercoaster ride. I was captivated from the beginning, I was up until 4am reading and forced myself to go to sleep. Work in the morning came too soon, but still I was sneaking in as much reading of this book as I could manage. Our favorites are back in this book as Curran and Kate hand pick their team to bring with them to Europe. Tho the rest of the crew were present the primary focus as usual is on Kate. There is tension between Kate and Curran as a shifter princess is making a play for Curran and the mysterious host has an eye on Kate. It wouldn’t be a Kate Daniels book if Kate doesn’t almost die at least once, which is always entertaining. Kate is a fierce warrior who jumps all in into a fight and in this book it’s almost beginning to end fighting. Kate comes a bit more into her magic as she is forced to fit for her life and that of her Pack. She learns just that much more about what she is capable. I highly adore Kate and look forward to each book in this series including the shorts that Ilona Andrews teases us with on their website.

If you haven’t started this series, you need to!