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Unbound - Cara McKenna Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind Roam

So I read my very first Cara McKenna book when I read After Hours and I am still in love with that book, it’s been about 6 months and I am completely smitten with both After Hour and have fallen into new girl crush on Cara McKenna. When I saw Unbound in NetGalley, I HAD to have it and read it as soon as I got it. I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t let me down and I am ecstatic that she did not.

Unbound is a story of acceptance, new beginnings, love and of course kink. Merry, recently lost her mother and subsequently almost 100 ibs. She decides to backpack across the highlands. She is almost at literal crossroads both mentally and physically when she falls ill in front of Rob’s door. Rob has spent years living in solitude, in shame, hiding from his past and his secret. He has barely spoken to a single person in years, when Merry collapses at his door. He finds that he cannot leave her when she is sick.

Merry is a wonderful character, she quite lives up to her name. With some other books I have read where there was weight loss the character is almost obnoxious with their weight loss and it kind of takes over the book and she would tend to be super self-conscious and low self-esteem. With Merry while it was a part of the book and her it didn’t take over the book, and while at times she didn’t seem 100% comfortable in her new body which is to be expected for the most part she had a self-worth and a healthy self-esteem. Part of her journey is to make peace with her body and her mind set, she knows that a lot of her weight gain and then lose was about mind set which I actually found a bit inspiring. With Rob she is super cute. I don’t want to give away their roles, because part of the fun is discovering it yourself. But she really comes into herself in her role with Rob, giving into his needs almost helps her find out more about herself. Merry is probably one of the most accepting characters I have ever read about. Her father is gay and her mother unconventional so they raised a pretty accepting and adapted child, that understands that not everyone fits into a cookie cutter mold. In her acceptance she finds not only herself but Rob is able to find himself.

Rob is absolutely tragic, he about breaks your heart. He is just so damaged by his past and all the guilt he carries around with him. His 20’s and early 30’s were not lived well and he hurt a lot of people. He carried the shame of his desires and could not learn to accept himself. When Merry enters his life he has basically put himself on hold. He has isolated himself so that he can no longer hurt anyone or himself but he has not healed, not really. Merry quickly learns one of his deepest secrets, and his shame and desire to hide kicks in but he finds that she accepts who he is, kink and all. Rob has the most growing to do in this book. At the beginning he is this lost man, who is hiding from the world and himself, by the end if he wants to keep Merry he has to find himself and come to terms with his past and his future. There are times when he does about break your heart and may bring you to tears. I know I was close.

I loved this freak’n book! I mean loved it, its one of my favorites of the year. It gripped me from the beginning and weeks later I am still thinking about it. I have so many thoughts swirling around and its actually taken me days to write this damn review. I mean what else can I really say except I adored it. It was all I was hoping for in this book. My only issue with this book was the ending. It was left more open ended then I would have liked unless and I hope this is the case Ms. McKenna has plans to revisit this couple. I would LOVE a sequel to this couple. The ending has no real solid conclusion so with no real knowledge of if there is going to be a sequel, I am not satisfied with the ending.


*This book was provided through NetGalley for an honest review, no other compensation was provided.